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Mel's Trip to Iceland!

I am on a quest to visit all seven continents and every other place on my bucket list. If I keep putting it off, I will always find excuses to not go. So, first trip...ICELAND! (Yes, I know it's not a continent, but I really want to see it, and it's the cheapest destination on my list LOL)

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Portion of airfare
Total airfare is $700. Splitting it up into $100 pieces to make it more manageable

[7 left]
Hotel stays
Hotels in Reykjvik and Thormork, totaling $500 (with transfers) $50 pieces

[10 left]
Golden Circle Glacier Hike
Portion of Golden Circle
Hike is $150, breaking into $50 pieces

[3 left]
Thorsmork glacier hike
Portion of Thorsmork
Two days in Thorsmork with glacier hike and Northern lights. $200, in $50 pieces

[4 left]
Mt Einhyrningur
Portion of Mt. Einhyrningur tour
Mt. Unpronounceable is $125, so I'm gonna do $25 pieces on this one

[5 left]