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Hawaii? Hawaii not!

Hawaii? Hawaii not! - Honeymoon registry Hawaii - Big Island We're gettin' hitched on October 5th, and we're taking the most vacationey-vacation we've ever taken together shortly after that! We're visiting the island of Hawaii (the BIG ONE) where we hope to see lava in real life, to prove that it doesn't just exist in cartoons and comic books. We also plan to snorkel, hike, bask in tropical gardens while gesticulating wildly about how improbably beautiful everything is, and find out what's around the next corner.

We have been living together for a good little while now, and are still in the process of downsizing into our new home together. We find that we've accumulated more stuff than memories these past few years, and we'd like to reverse that trend. While we don't expect any gifts in celebration of our nuptials, if you are moved to help us add some memories to these blissed out days, we are very grateful!

Just check the box next to any gifts you wish to purchase, then click the 'Purchase' button at the bottom of the page. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

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Help with flights
Turns out flights cost money! Hawaii or bust, but we would be grateful for a little less bust!

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Sleeping soundly in paradise
While sleeping on beaches is technically allowed on many of Hawaii's beautiful beaches, we've heard that it rains a fair amount on Kauai...

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Entry fee to see the VOLCANOES
Help support our national parks! And help support our need to see lava!
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Swimming with Manta rays!
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General wonderfulness
Who knows where the road may take us...? Consider this the honeymoon general fund for souvenirs, random experiences and adventures, etc

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We're going to raid every fruit stand and eat every macadamia nut crusted fishy and it's going to be amazing.
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A nice dinner out
A special dinner is a thing people do on honeymoons, we hear! We would love to make some delicious, delicious memories.

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