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Jaime's 40th Birthday Italy Trip

If you know me at all, then you know I am and have been obsessed with everything Italian my whole life. You also know that it has been a dream of mine to go to Italy and I'm finally making it happen in my 40th year on earth. Tickets and Hotels are taken care of so this is really just for fun stuff, like food and drink, excursions and entertainment while there. I actually wish everyone could come with me but it will have to do to have you there in spirit. Any contribution, in any form is more then greatly appreciated!

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Food and Drink
Dinner in Naples - Where Pizza was Born
Pizza and wine

[1 left]
Aperol Spritz's in the Cafe
I want to do as the Italians do and spend an afternoon drinking Aperol at the Caffe

[1 left]
Drinks! And more drinks!

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Dinner in Rome
Pasta. Lots of Pasta. And wine.
$60.00 Bought
Authentic Scilian Dinner with local Chef in Palermo
Local fare in Sicily
$70.00 Bought
Vatican, Sistene Chapel & St. Peter's Tour
Tour of all the old religious stuff with some art.

[1 left]
Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill Tour
Ruins. Lots and lots of ruins.

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Performance at Sicilian Opera House in Palermo
Opera where it first began

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Nothing specific, but spent on something fun.

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Day Trip to Florence by Train
$135.00 Bought
Pompeii or Capri & Amalfi Coast Day Trip
More ruins. And history. An Island and the coast

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