How it works

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We think our registry system is pretty easy to use. To explain it in detail, we have broken it up into steps:

Step 1. Sign up

Just go to our sign up page, enter your details and we will build you a travel registry.

Step 2. Create your registry

This is the fun part - where you get to decide what your travel itinerary will consist of. You can create as many gifts as you like for people to buy. Some examples of gifts you could use in your honeymoon registry are:

  • Accommodation
  • Flights (or parts of flights if they are too expensive)
  • Entry to tourist attractions
  • Romantic dinners
  • Cocktails on the beach

The list is relatively endless - anything you want to do on your honeymoon or vacation can be included! You can include text and images with your registry!

Step 3. Invitations

Simply mention in your wedding / event invitations that your guests can contribute to your honeymoon registry by visiting your registry website (we will give you your registry address after you sign up.

Step 4. Your guests buy gifts for you

When your guests visit your registry website, they can choose which gift(s) they want to purchase. They can leave their name and a special message if they wish. After they have selected their gift(s), the gift will be marked as 'Bought' on the registry unless you have specified a quantity greater than 1 for the gift when you are setting up your registry. Gifts which you have given a quantity greater than 1 will be marked as ‘Bought’ on the registry once the total quantity that you have specified have been purchased. Payment is made directly to you (the registry owner) by check, wire transfer or PayPal if you have set it up (there are instructions on how to set up PayPal when you are building your registry) If you have PayPal set up, your guests can pay you using their credit card (PayPal will charge you a small percentage of each transaction for this).

Step 5. Pay for your trip

Use the money that your guests have sent you to pay for your honeymoon / vacation.

Step 6. Enjoy your travel!

After the event, all there is to do is relax on your honeymoon / vacation paid for by your event guests!

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